Tabitha & Jason { Wedding Sneak Peak }

We recently had the privilege of photographing Tabitha and Jason’s wedding in Gahanna, Ohio at the Olde Gahanna Sanctuary. I thought i’d post a sneak peak of their wedding. More to come! ~ DM Studio2 Photography

Jessica and Lane { Franklin Park Conservatory Wedding }

We love shooting at Franklin Park Conservatory, and Jessica and Lane’s wedding in May was a beautiful wedding filled with hand made decorations and a lot of fun! We had a great time with Jessica and Lane and we got … Continue reading

Cody and Jessica {Station 67 Wedding}

Started the year off with a great wedding at one of our favorite venues. You will see alot from here this year from us. Cody and Jessica braved the cold for a few minutes at a time to get some … Continue reading

Karen and Mike { Jeffery Park Mansion Engagement }

I met up with Karen and Mike at the Jeffery Park Mansion in Bexley, Ohio, on a cool day that was threatening rain. Turned out to be a great day, we did get rained on a tiny bit, but Karen … Continue reading

Dan and Jennifer {DM Studio2 Preview}

Station 67 in Columbus, Ohio in a favorite for us and this year will be a busy one for us there. Hands down the coldest wedding we have ever done….but didn’t stop us from getting a few shots outside. Dan … Continue reading

Ben and Nina { Ohio Farm Country Wedding }

Ben and Nina’s wedding was a special one for me. Ben is my brother and Nina is now my sister-in-law. Not only was I in the wedding, but we shot the wedding also! Double the challenge. We were raised on … Continue reading

Daniel and Kelsey { Wedding Bliss }

This fall started off right, with Daniel and Kelsey’s wedding! We met up with Kelsey first at the Liberty Barn Church in Delaware Ohio where their ceremony was held. What a great place to shoot, we love it there and … Continue reading

Ed and Mandi {DM Studio2 Wedding}

It was another one of those days…one minute the sun is shining and next thing you know the sprinkles are coming down. However, most of it held off at the right time and overall had a wonderful day with Ed … Continue reading


I am so happy I chose DM Studio2 as my wedding photographer. They were very professional and paid close attention to detail. Their artistic shots captured my wedding day perfectly. ~ Megan Plascak

It has been my pleasure to work with DM Studio2 in their capacity as a professional photographers. I was completely satisfied with the quality of their digital photography and also with their professional demeanor. ~ Shannon Hamilton